Finally done editing. I have a little more to clean up but I believe I have a copy worth publishing. It was rough with work being more difficult than ever but I’m proud of the story. Sureshot 3 here we come!

Sensing that their prey was out of options the soldiers closed in on Rothan to finish him. Unwilling to surrender, he defied them by lashing out and attacking the man in front of him. This opened up his defense and invited attack which came promptly. The former prince parried then buried his sword into the chest of the first man, but the others thrust at him. He tried to swing around to block their attacks and managed to block all but the last man whose sword found Rothan’s flesh, piercing his side. Rothan drove his sword into that man’s chest and then repositioned himself to continue defending.

     He gripped his side with his off-hand and found some blood there, but feeling well enough to continue he raised his sword. The soldiers advanced on him again and again he repelled them, killing one but being slashed on his sword arm. The attackers decided that he was doomed and they renewed their attack with vigor. Rothan defended though he was weakening and killed another man before he was disarmed by the swarm of men.

Bloody and defeated he sank to his knees to await the inevitable. The soldiers recognized him as the Duke’s brother so they spared his life and intended to take him captive so that he might be dealt with in a more official manner. They were mocking him and taunting him but he was unable to respond, too wounded and too exhausted to manage a response he relaxed, arms at his sides and blood dripping from his body. At that moment he was resigned to his fate and had peace even if it was fleeting.

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