The Magic of Words

One of my sons has been oddly interested in how language began. He’s asked me a few times over the last week and each time we’ve had an interesting conversation about it. Of course, we don’t exactly know do we? Did we start out making random sounds, grunts or groans that eventually correlated with various objects? Then somehow advanced to develop verbs, adjectives, pronouns, proper nouns? Language is complex. Language is dynamic. But regardless, it is truly remarkable. Language sets us apart from other organisms in this world and is probably our greatest tool or weapons.

Imagine that mere words can motivate entire nations of people to war. Just forming sounds in a particular manner can inspire mass groups and move them emotionally to anger or joy or determination. Words have lifted people from despair or lowered them there depending on their usage. Word are magical.

So it is when writing. Each and every word choice makes a difference. Each one affects the reader differently. Each one has power. Together they can be forged into something tremendous. That can make magic.

This reminds me to review the words I choose. I should look at all of them as part of a greater magic of language and each has value but some mix better with others to form a unique magic that can enchant the reader and enhance the experience for her.

Now excuse me while I go and make some more magic. Cheers.

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