It took more time than I wanted with school back in and covid making that more difficult but I finished Sureshot the King! I still have editing to do but it feels great to finally finish that story.

Durbar was a character I created when I was a mere 21 years old and bored as I sat in a barracks room with no TV or even a radio. I started writing to pass the time and nearly 20 years later I finished the entire story. It feels great.

Besides just finishing another piece, it is 100,000 words and there is something very satisfying about finishing something of that length.

On top of that, it completes a trilogy of books. Nearly 300,000 words to tell Durbar’s story. It feels good.

Now on to editing. Sureshot the King will be our this month. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Finished!

    1. Thank you! I’ve finally come to embrace editing and sometimes even enjoy myself. But it’s a love/hate relationship to be sure.

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