Sunday Roster!

Its time for the roster. This week I got a bit more done on Sureshot 3. So close I can feel it. Writing the climactic scene now. I should finish today. Looking to have it out next month. Also still planning on another episode of Goblins for next month. Even with school back in I’ll find time to keep writing. Here’s the roster:

All books available by Phillip Brunnengraeber

Join the adventure today! 

The Sureshot Series:

The Sureshot Rises

Sureshot the Assassin

Sureshot the King (Coming soon) 

The Monster in the Woods (A Sureshot Short Story)

Goblin Brothers Series:

Goblins Episode 1: Born in Blood 

Goblins Episode 2: Family


This is Crazy: Finding Who you are and What you Want

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