Amazing Imagination

In times like these it is all too plain how terrible we can be. Humans I mean. People. We can really be awful to one another, to the world around us. Some of us say horrible things to one another. Some of us use others for their own gain with no empathy. Some merely seek more wealth, power and control. But not all.

In fact, I sometimes take a moment and remember some of the amazing things we are capable of. We sometimes sacrifice ourselves for others. Our time, our wealth our very lives are put down so that others may do better in a world that can be brutal. I like those things.

Besides, we’re so incredibly creative. We think up ridiculous things! in fiction writing, obviously I do this to some degree but I still marvel at those who painted tremendous works or composed beautiful pieces. Still more I am impressed with those who conceived to do things like fly or explore the oceans. The engineering masterpieces are remarkable to me.

I never get tired of considering how humans achieved flight. With some wood and fabric we managed to break free of the ground and fly. Nowadays we stuff people in a metal tube and get that heavy piece of metal off the ground and into the air.

I imagine that if you went back a few hundred years to tell people about the future and you explained that people were flying in metal objects, they would quickly burn you at the stake for practicing witchcraft or heresy or some other nonsense.

But that wasn’t enough for us either. We set fires on ships to create steam and operate an engine so we could travel on the seas without wind. Craziness. And eventually we made another metal tube and launched that ship under the water to swim like a fish. Pure fantasy.

So in a time when it’s easy to look on social media or the news or just across the street at your neighbor and despair, try to remember that we are better than our worst qualities. We are capable of amazing things. Take some time with art or music or science; all human creations. Let our best qualities give you hope in a dark time.

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