5000 Words

It’s on. Two years after starting Sureshot 3 and I am committed to finishing it before I go back to work. I’m on track. Piece of cake. I decided I would write 5000 words a day and knock this out in a week. I got this.

I was a little worried that the pace was too fast but I sat my butt in my chair, at my desk and just kept writing until I hit the mark. Yesterday was a good test. I got off to a decent start even though it was a late start. I wrote 1500 words fairly quickly. I broke for lunch and then got another 1000 done. Then I hit a wall.

I was out of energy. The words were simply not flowing. So, I mixed it up. Committed to getting to 5000 and only half way there I decided to lay down for a minute. I didn’t want to fall asleep, but instead just relax and meditate a bit on what I was going to write next.

Then I hopped up and went running. It was literally 100 degrees out so I ran quarter mile laps around the block. I did that five times with short breaks in between. I often have solid ideas in between those laps and indeed I had a few.

Dripping sweat I jumped in the shower; a nice cool shower. Then immediately back at it. The last 2500 words were easy. I was crushing it on the keyboard. Word after word, line after line and page after page I broke my 5000 word goal. I was thrilled.

A few more days and I will be all finished with the draft and move on to the easy part, editing.

Well… let’s see how quickly I can hit the 5000 goal today. Cheers!

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