We launched model rockets this morning and this is the little rhyme that came of it in my mind…

1, 2, 3 launch!

Leave this world behind

Fly away so high

And hopefully you find

Something better

1, 2, 3 launch!

For back here on earth

The place of our birth

We’ve forgotten life’s worth

Sadly so 

1, 2, 3 launch!

God’s speed my son

Your journey has begun

The first victory you’ve won

The courage to venture

1, 2, 3 launch!

Don’t you dare turn round

It’s freedom you’ve found

There’s none here on the ground

Find a better place

1, 2, 3 launch!

It pains me to see your go

I will sob deeply although

In my heart I know

You’re much better off

1, 2, 3 launch!

When you find something better

Please send dear dad a letter

And the rest of us poor beggars

Where the promised land lies

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