Sureshot the King

From today’s writing…

Vorfar kicked some dirt and paced to a tree then committed further acts of violence upon it. 

Maklar gritted his teeth then pulled his ax from his back. He gripped it so tightly that his knuckles turned white and his muscles strained under his tunic; filled with rage and frustration. 

In a moment of pure white anger, Maklar began to swing his ax as quickly as a bat flaps its wings in desperation to remain airborne. Maklar hacked at the boards that mended the hole in the wall and the dirt that filled it. In massive swooping motions the blade of his weapon struck his static foe, sending dirt and splinters flying in all directions. 

The axeman, no longer interested in stealth grunted and growled as he swung again and again blasting a growing opening where he expected to easily slip under the wall. 

Vorfar looked about for guards on the walls but none were in sight. He considered trying to reason with Maklar; to scold him for being so reckless, but as he peered into the cloud of dust and noted the beastial noise his companion was making, he knew there was no stopping him. Instead, he scouted the wall for signs of danger. 

“Just hurry!” Vorfar encouraged. 

Maklar heard the words but was lost in the fury. Again and again his ax rained down on the obstruction. Before long the wood that blocked his path surrendered and was left in splintered pieces littered about the Madman’s feet. 

After just a couple furious minutes, Maklar stepped back to observe his work. He breathed deeply, and the air filled with dirt made him cough. Sweat dripped from his brow and he held his ax loosely in one hand as it leaned against his hip; satisfied in its work. 

“Good,” he exhaled. “They were lazy. They didn’t fill the hole. Just covered it.”

Vorfar approached and inspected the hole. With just a little digging it seemed easily passable. 

“Forgive me for my doubt, friend. I was wrong to criticize you. But let us hurry into the city, lest your efforts be discovered shall we?” 

“That was the whole point, after all. After you,” Maklar smiled. 

Vorfar nodded then, after scooping some dirt and removing the bits of remaining wood, crawled on his belly under the wall and into the city. Maklar followed immediately after. 

“Easy, just like I said it would be,” snorted Maklar. 

Vorfar merely clapped him on the back, which created a poof of dirt then turned to find their destination. 

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