A Taunt from the Tormentor

Mighty man! How weak you are! So confident you sat, in your homes, in your cars. Only to be brought down by the tiniest of foes. The virus in your blood grows and grows. What’s worse is, you panicked and turned on one another immediately. Unable to view the end you seek. 

How pathetic are you! Complaining about being locked up. This isn’t even the worst pandemic I could think up. Typhoid, leprosy, dysentery, endless flus, there’s so much more I could do to you. I laugh seeing you all argue with each other. Some of you run to beaches while others take cover.

I forgot how much I enjoyed this part. Seeing you all attack like sharks. Your governments pit you against one another, more each day. More conflicts are coming your way. You think I’m done messing with your world? You had it too easy for too long, I’m not even remotely through. 

My favorite part is that you do so much work for me. With all your lies and egos you look to blame someone else. You’re unwilling to admit that you are not in perfect health. You’re mortal, it’s natural that you should suffer and die. Believing anything less than that is a blatant lie. 

Your world is on fire and you are stoking the flames. Complaining that you can’t watch all your silly games. More spoiled than any that lived before your time. Your fear, your jealousy mean you are mine. I will continue to torment your souls with painful things. While the great bells of hell loudly ring.

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