From: The Sureshot Rises

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Another dream developed as Durbar slumbered. It was not unlike the one he experienced only weeks earlier. This time the image of the arena was clear to him. It was the very place in Harmon where they held melee competitions that day. He could see crowds of people cheering loudly all around. At one end, he saw his mother and father again, both dressed in armor and armed with swords. He found himself in the center of the ring also armed and armored. He called out to his parents, “Father! Mother! What are you doing here?”

His father answered, “We are here to watch you son. We are only here to watch.”

“But why? Why didn’t you tell me you were a soldier? What were you protecting me from? I don’t understand.”

Before his father could explain anything, he exclaimed, “Look out behind you, Son!” Durbar turned around and the knight he fought in his previous dream returned. Again, he wielded a huge axe and flail, and he charged the confused dreamer. Durbar began to flee, but his father called out to him, “Don’t run, Son! Turn and fight. It is the only way you will survive!”

“But I can’t win, Father. He is too strong,” he returned.

“Turn and stand, Son!” Adar advised. So, his son turned around and prepared to defend himself. He held his shield up to protect his left side and pulled his sword arm back, ready to strike. The knight reached him in only a few seconds and swung his axe hard into Durbar who blocked the blow with his shield. The weapon splintered the top of the shield and sent Durbar to the ground. He scrambled to his feet in time to see the ball of the flail coming down on him. This time he rolled to his right to avoid the shot and swung his sword clumsily at the man. His attack was easily parried with the axe and then countered with the same weapon. The mighty axe struck directly into Durbar’s breast, splitting his armor.

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