Storytelling through writing is such an amazing process. I literally make up stories that I hope will entertain and even inspire the reader but I have to transfer them from my mind to page and then fix them up in a way that makes them the most appealing. This process is sometimes slow and painful but necessary.

Then, once all the work of putting to paper what I built in my mind is completed, I offer up the story to the reader and sit back and wait for the reader to let me know if they enjoyed the story.

It creates in me a deep anticipation because I want the reader to enjoy my work and I have no one to blame if the work is not good except myself. I am entirely responsible for the words on the page and the story they tell. I could have chosen any words to make any story but these are the ones I selected. They are entirely mine even more so than a child who begins to make things theirs very early in their development. No, my stories are entirely of my creation and a direct reflection on me as their creator. I formed them and breathed life into them.

Writing is a wonderful craft that invites people to see into your heart and soul and allows them to make a judgment.

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