Poem: Poison Love

You found me mouth parched and lips cracked

Soul tarnished and dull long before failed to shine

Lost in a maze of demands and expectations no way back

So busy pleasing someone else’s desires I forgot mine

And you gently offered me a sip from your cup

Like an oasis in a desert I drank from your hand

A mangy dirty dog the water I lapped it up

For a moment it cooled the burning sand

Certain that I survived the perils of a dragon

I rested my head in your soft lap as you stroked my hair

Confident my heart would never again be abandoned

Picnics and walks holding hands in the night air

A cramp began deep in my belly aching and groaning

I ignored the pain though and continued to thirst

Trying to fill the ever increasing hole growing

Putting everything else aside I put your needs first

The pain spread from my belly to my bones

Like drops of blood spreading through clean water

You heard neither my words nor my groans

Even while we were together we felt farther

Sickness throughout my body at last attacked my heart

I tried to resist by clinging to your love drinking more

Each sip only turned what once was warm dark

What could have been rich and beautiful was made poor

When you took your cup elswhere to offer your drink

I was left to ponder what our love had become

It started fresh and fragrant before it began to stink

I lament I learned so late your love was poison 

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