Game Time!

I first played any type of role-playing game when I joined the army in 1998 and I was immediately hooked. Many enjoy these types of games and for various reasons. I love them for the role-playing and interactive aspect. Obviously I enjoy story telling and these games allow for the players to participate in a dynamic story as a character. I love it.

Years later I’m still playing with some of the old army buddies and some more recent friends as well. Lately, I’ve been enjoying it more than ever. Partially because I don’t have a horrible partner who hates the game and steals the router while I’m trying to play and partially because we’ve formed the most interesting and exciting group I’ve ever played with.

As far as characters go, the bard has always been my favorite for their social strengths and my penchant for womanizing during the game. So once again I am playing Justin Timberlake but I am joined by a halfling thief who uses a whip as his main weapon, a dwarf paladin and a gnome illusionist who pretends to be a necromancer but hates the scent of decay and death. It’s an amazing group. We named ourselves the Perilous Performers as we are former circus performers and we have an elaborate introduction that never gets old, especially since one of us tends to fail a performance check each time we do it.

There have already been a number of very entertaining moments and I will try to blog about them here so that you all can enjoy our adventures along with us.

Cheers to the Perilous Performers!

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