Poem: Experiencing Death

A Poem I wrote in High School. Appropriate for this day.

I am but a young man.

     I am but a young man.

I don’t want to die.

     I don’t want to die.

I will go to school for escape.

     I will face the Death.

I want the Country to help me.

     I want to help the Country.

I go away to learn at school.

     I go away to live in Death.


School is so stressful.

     Death is terrifying.

I know I can make it.

     I don’t think I will survive.

I fear nothing at all.

     I fear for my very life.

I curse the Country.

     I fight for the Country.

I read about the Death.

     I live the Death.

I don’t think there is really a Death.

     I cannot escape the Death.

I will never die.

     The Death will swallow me.


I drink with friends in happiness.

     I drink alone to forget.

I am completely healthy.

     I am numb with pain.

I am full of life.

     The Death took my life.

I know everything.

     Nobody knows anything.

My whole life is ahead of me.

     My life was left behind.

Here’s to life.

     Here’s to Death.

I am a great man.

     I am a dead man.


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