Adventure roster:

Here’s a list of 12 characters (two pairs) for some new random story writing. Let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions:

  1. Biggs and Smalls, dwarf brothers (fighter, cleric)
  2. Zyx and Nyx, goblin brothers (rogue, shaman)
  3. Maartyn, human (fighter)
  4. Klaudia Morgan, half-elf (witch)
  5. Arius, human (wizard)
  6. Holgar, human (paladin)
  7. Leny, human (barbarian)
  8. Timberlake, human (bard)
  9. Tholiot, wood elf (ranger)
  10. Bosco Elvellon, halfling (knight)
  11. Krel, half orc (rogue)
  12. Dylestia, Wild elf (sorceress)

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