Random Story Generator!

I have been busy. Between battling my own oppressive dragon and shaking off the BS a siren in my own life put me through, I’ve been starting my own life coaching endeavor, still raising five super cool kiddos and trying to find a way to pay all the bills I committed to on two incomes with only my own. It’s been going well enough and I’m very enthusiastic that everything will work out well. That means I have neglected The Sureshot and I haven’t posted much in the way of fiction or poems here. I’m seeking a new balance.

One of the conflicts I was having was whether to continue to post new words I’ve put down for Sureshot 3 (Sureshot the King). I’ve made some decent headway into the first draft and if I can balance everything I should still have it out this summer which is my new goal. But posting words from that tends to spoil the story for anyone who hasn’t read the first two and even for those who have. So I was brainstorming how to keep fans engaged and interested in my writing while I work on the full novel. I have an idea.

I decided that I could create a random story generator. It honestly merely consists of some characters and a list of possible conflicts for the plot. I wrote down a list of 12 characters (two are a pair of brothers). Then I wrote a list of 12 possible plots and just for fun, a list of 12 enemies as well. I will merely roll a die to select the character and then again for the plot and again if I need a monster or two. We’ll see, could work.

For the next week, you should see some of the characters I’m going to use and possibly some settings or other elements of stories that will help it to form into something readable and entertaining. This could also be a good way to build my writing skill further as well and I’m looking forward to testing it out.

I also intend to write them all with a clear narrator voice. I always thought that it would be fun if all the Sureshot stories and all my fantasy fiction was ultimately written or performed by the same bard and I might eventually end the collection with a story about him. In my head it made sense. So I’m going to try to use the narrator voice in an effort to up my level of difficulty and hopefully make the writing that much more entertaining.

Stay tuned and please give me feedback as I go. Like a character, please let me know. Have any ideas that might be fun? Please let me know. I want to somehow manage to balance all these projects and keep everyone engaged. We’ll see how well I pull it off. Cheers!

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