As I become increasingly interested in being a master of language in the spoken and written forms I feel I need to incorporate more unique sentence constructions. That’s of course as I also seek to master the art of toasting and limerick. One of the structures I find impressive and sophisticated is the use of the words “nay.” defines the word as:

Adverb: and not only so but; not only that but also;

I love it! It also defines it as the archaic form of “no.” Even better! I would love to fill my vernacular with more archaic words and maybe one day pen a book called, “The Art of Sounding Awesome.”

The idea of this usage is to use as adjective but then one up yourself with another adjective with “nay” between them. What an amazing concept! So I can toss out a word which should elicit some sort of emotional response then go even bigger with that feeling by adding a stronger word? Yes please.

If I’m being entirely honest, this idea just came to me because I heard the Ebony Maw in Infinity War say to Thanos, “Few beings have the greatness, nay, the nobility” and it sounded amazing. I need “nay” in my life.

So here’s a few attempts at some sentences I may try out in 2019 in different situations.


Few women are as pretty, nay, as gorgeous as yourself.

Few women are as charming, nay, as captivating as yourself.

Few smiles are as pleasant, nay, as beautiful as yours.

Few bosoms are as lovely, nay, as tremendous as yours.


Few bedrooms are as cluttered, nay, as disastrous as yours.

Your breath is bad, nay, downright offensive, please brush your teeth.

Your behavior is disconcerting, nay, abhorrent, you must improve.

I love you, nay, cherish you my child.


Your grade is poor, nay, embarrassing.

Your child is a joy, nay, a treasure in class.

Your essay was great, nay, a masterpiece.

You are so dumb, nay, absolutely moronic.

Some gems in there for sure. Can’t wait to begin sprinkling “nay” into normal conversation like salt, nay, sage on a roast. Cheers to fantastic, nay, tremendous conversation!

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