Pre-Drinking Story

Inspired by the video of the Irish lads with a pre-drinking story (there’s a frat boy American version also). I drafted my own. Might have to try it out!

Ok friends,

let me tell you the story,

of my epic night of drinking!

My girl broke up with me,

So I went looking for another!

My boys were all busy,

Busy drinking with me!

Was a slow night at the bars,

So drinks were half off!

All the taps were out,

So we had to do shots!

The jukebox was broken,

But the mic was open!

None of us could sing,

But we were too drunk to care!

There were no cute girls there,

But plenty of hot ones!

One of them gave me attitude,

Then gave me her number!

She said she didn’t want to date,

She just wanted to screw!

I didn’t have a condom,

I had a whole pack!

She wouldn’t take me to her place,

So we went to mine!

She told me it was too late,

So she’d have to stay over!

In the morning she had to go,

Go for another round!

And that’s all for that story,

Until we make another one!

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