New Year’s Toast

Obviously one of the big things to do in the New Year is make resolutions. I don’t especially care for New Year’s resolutions. Not because I don’t like resolutions, in fact, I’m all about them. I just feel they are typically empty and are mostly used as an excuse to get people to cheer you on even though you have absolutely no commitment to them. I make renewed commitments and resolutions all the time and I recommend the same for anyone actually trying to grow in the world.

That said, I’ve been working on being a good toaster. I think it’s super fun. And besides, I’ve been at events in which the toasts got super long. They aren’t supposed to be. They should be short. So, one of the things I decided to work on was become an awesome toaster because I feel it is a dying art and I want to bring it back. That’s one of my New Year’s resolutions. To make amazing toasts.

With some brief research I discovered the typical formula for toasting which I already use. It is: 1) get everyone’s attention, introduce yourself and the reason you are present 2) wish the person or people or whatever you’re toasting something (I prefer the “may…” model) then 3) toast, to…

I prefer to say Prost, which is the German toast, but cheers is more widely recognized and yet I actually hear many people use salud, the Spanish version. I also dig “to your health.” Regardless, it seems best to end with such a thing so everyone knows it’s time to drink.

So…as an apprentice toaster, allow me to toast the New Year to all my awesome followers.

As we bring in the New Year and celebrate the ending of the past one, I want to wish you all much success. May 2019 bring you much love, wealth and adventure. May your hearts, wallets and quivers be ever full and may we arrive at year’s end with many stories to share. To the New Year! Cheers!

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