Elijah’s Birthday Poem

What have you packed my precious son?

This journey will be a long one

While I don’t want to let you go

Begin it now before the snow

Summer grows near with weather warm

Though yet will come some lightning storms

You’re growing stronger every day

And you must soon be on your way

The road, it winds through many trees

Which sing their songs in the morning breeze

Listen to them, hear their stories

Tales of heroes and their glories

Beware the hidden highwaymen

For they seek your premature end

Also the siren with her song

Fortify your resolve, stay strong

Attach your sheath it’s sharpened sword

Ensure your compass points true North

Rest if you must along the way

Never too long in one place stay

Destiny awaits in the end

You hold the power in your hand

One more embrace and one more kiss

It’s time, your childhood I will miss

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