Turns out it was another traumatic summer. Hopefully it’s the last for a long time. Besides the usual BS with broken family dynamics, taking care of kids and managing regular relationship…a critical mass was reached regarding a person I chose to be with and after years of increasing damage and abuse it was no longer tolerable, and sadly I can tolerate a lot.

On the bright side, I learned a lot. I feel like I finally know what it is I want in a relationship and what appropriate boundaries look like. It is disappointing that it took this long but I didn’t have any real healthy model when I was young and developed poor patterns immediately. Those patterns and choices have caused a lot of hurt and damage but at last I feel I grew enough to break free from the chains that weighed me down and held me back.

Fortunately I survived and so did my children and there is still plenty of time to enjoy a healthy and happy life so I’m looking forward to a variety of positive and joyful days ahead.

As far as writing goes, sadly I also got derailed in that regard. There were many days I sat there trying to will myself to write but far too depressed and anxious to get any words out. As I distance myself from those days I feel the creativity returning to my soul and a passion back in my pen. Looking forward to writing some more stories and continuing ones I began.

Much love to everyone who’s been along for the journey. Thank you for your love and support. Cheers.

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