When I was editing Sureshot the Assassin for the final time before hitting the publish button, I had a friend of mine read through and do some editing. He’s a prolific reader of fantasy so I value his opinion greatly. He helped polish up the draft greatly but there was one thing we laughed about but ultimately had me really thinking about my writing.

It turns out, my friend can’t stand it when characters in books or movies wear a cloak to blend in. He pointed out that the point of blending in is to look like everyone else. A cloak makes you stand out more than blend in because it is so different than what everyone else would be wearing. If the goal is blending in, a cloak pulled over someone’s head is super suspicious.

We laughed about it as I realized he’s totally right! It is super suspicious to cover your head and face if no one else is. I indeed had been writing in cloaks and never even thought about it. Then I really tried to figure out why I was writing like that.

I realized that I got it from reading the genre and playing games that perpetuate the idea that you can throw a hood over your head and no one will notice you. I have no idea where that started or why, but it is absolutely dumb. It would make sense to cover your head in the rain or other bad weather but inside and around other people? I imagine it was always rude to cover your face in situations like that.

So, lesson learned. No more needless cloaks or hoods.

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