So Much to Write

So much to write so little time! As summer trudges on and the inferno of Fresno heat burns my flesh and scorches my feet, I continue to forge my “writer” self into a truly respectable being. It is rewarding and painful all at once and yet I am elated to be on this path.

One of the things I didn’t anticipate but now find myself agonizing over is which projects to focus on. Obviously my pilot series is The Sureshot and I absolutely love it and it has as of yet been received well and I look forward to continuing but I have so many other ideas and even partial stories written that I could chose to focus on that it becomes a little daunting at times.

On top of that, I really embraced building a brand. It appears that branding is a huge thing in our world and successful people and companies do it very well. Say Starbucks and everyone knows exactly what you mean. Mention J K Rowling and you immediately think Harry Potter. Stephen King and you associate his work with horror. Branding.

So what do I want Brunnengraeber to mean? As a quick aside, I am actually thrilled to be named Brunnengraeber as it is not a name very many people carry and so I can work to create a brand around it without influence from anything or anyone else.

To answer my own questions; I’m not one hundred percent sure yet. I’ve decided that indeed epic fantasy is the genre for me but I have not yet created enough content to sustain much of a brand. That means that every word I write at this point could either help build a brand or erode whatever I have already built. I feel a lot of pressure as a result. But such is life and I’m embracing the challenge with enthusiasm and joy.

For now The Sureshot is my focus, but I will branch out from that soon and in ways that will likely have a significant effect on my career as a writer for whatever that is worth. The journey itself is enjoyable so I have no complaints.

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