Escaping the Abyss Part 7

Nanku grew in spite of any chaos in his world and he learned about his environment and how to navigate it. Growing and learning were not without their dangers.

Mother and Father provided some playmates for Nanku. They called them cousins and Nanku enjoyed them very much. They all spent much time together playing and laughing. One day Nanku was visiting the cousins. They were chasing each other through the house and laughing. As they did, Nanku tripped over a basket and fell hard. His lip was split open by his own tooth which was also knocked out of his mouth. The lip was badly cut and bled profusely. Nanku was taken to a doctor and his lip was stitched back together however there was much swelling and in fact the lip was never quite the same and also showed the scar from the fall and was always larger on one side as a result of the accident.

On another occasion, Nanku was again running and he fell and hit his head, splitting his head open and again bleeding significantly. This wound too was patched up and a scar remained but no further damage was done.

These accidents made Mother very protective of Nanku and she did not like to let him explore or have adventures as a result. She warned him that he would get hurt and would not let Nanku do some of the things he wanted to try like ride a skateboard or play football and regularly told him that he was not strong or tough and so it was best that he not do too many things that require physical strength or subjected him to risk. Nanku believed her and avoided activities that would test his strength or toughness.

This confused Nanku a little as Father seemed to be especially tough and strong. Father tended to constantly do things that were reckless and dangerous and Nanku wanted to be like Father. For instance, Father played hockey like the LA Kings and it was a very physical and dangerous sport. Father worked in a shop with metal and machines that were very dangerous. Father constantly had cuts and burns on him and didn’t seem to be bothered by them. Nanku felt that Father was somehow indestructible because he would test his strength and toughness and always survive. Nanku marveled as Father lifted things or pushed them. Nanku was even amazed when father got angry and threw and broke things in a fit.

Nanku became very used to the look on Father’s face when he was in a rage. His eyes were like fire and wide and his body moved wildly. Father would often kick things or throw them when he was angry and Nanku would take shelter and watch. Father usually became angry when he argued with Mother. She would say hurtful and mean things to Father and he would get angry. She would get in his face and continue to say things until he exploded like a volcano yelling and throwing things. Nanku hid and waited for the storm to end.

Mother was worried about Nanku getting hurt exploring his world, but did nothing to protect him from the dangers that dwelled in his very home.

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