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After receiving word from the guards that Durbar was talking, Warren decided to tell his father the news. Warren entered to find his father once again calmly seated. Surprised at the state of the room and the lack of light, Warren called for assistance and pair of servants hurried to right the room as best they could given the disarray Orthan caused. Once the table was righted and candles relit, Warren focused again on the issue of the prisoner and his crimes. Durbar’s words were very curious to Warren. He wondered if there was any truth in them.

“Father,” began Warren, “What did Durbar mean that you killed your sister?”

“He was lying son,” answered the Duke coldly. “He is a liar. He said those things to turn you against me.”

“Who is he father? Is his mother your sister? Is he my cousin?”

“He is,” snapped Orthan turning away from his son, “but that does not change anything. He is dangerous, and he wants to steal away our rule here. Do not think that just because he is my nephew, that I will have pity on him. I expect you to feel the same.”

“But how?” asked Warren confused. “How is he my cousin?”

“Don’t ask so many questions!” shouted the Duke angrily. He jumped up and hurried around the table to face his son, grabbed him by the shoulders and shook him. “You cannot trust anything that Durbar says. He is our enemy and that is all that you have to know. Sometimes you will have to do something that you do not want to do, because it is the best thing. I do not want to kill Durbar, but he is a threat to me and to you. Do you understand?”

Warren was very confused, but he recognized that it was very important to remain in his father’s favor at that moment, so he nodded. That was not enough for the crazed Duke. “Say that you understand son,” he pleaded, searching desperately for support.

“I understand,” whispered Warren frightened by his father’s mania.

“Thank you son,” answered Orthan as he hugged his son tightly. The Prince did not know how to respond. His father seemed on the edge of reason and even began to sob. Never did the man hug his son, and yet there he was clenching his boy tight to himself. Warren just wrapped his arms around the crying man and embraced him. The whole scene seemed like some sort of a bad dream to the prince. While they were still embraced a guard returned and knocked on the door.

“Enter,” commanded the Duke regaining his composure. The man entered the room and announced that Durbar had confessed that his father lived in a cabin west of the city, and provided directions.

“Excellent,” grinned Orthan. “Send four men to seize him and bring him to me.”

“What about Durbar sir?” asked the man.

“Leave him there, and make sure that he lives. I want to make sure that we find Adar before we dispose of his son.”

“Yes sir,” the guard replied and exited. Just as they were ordered, four men set off for the location that Durbar described. He himself was left in the dungeon, chained to the wall. He hung there awhile before he lost consciousness.

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