TBT: Poem Nature’s Gifts, Nurtures Lessons

A young boy bright and strong,

A young boy average in every way,

Full of joy and full of song,

He loved to run around and play,

A boy who seemed to do nothing wrong,

A simple boy who lived only for the next day.

Parents push the boy harder and harder,

They let the boy live life for his self,

The boy’s performance got better and better,

With some love and care and a little help,

The pressure was getting even heavier,

Throughout his childhood his parents love was felt.

Living with some friends in disarray,

Average still, though he got a degree,

Drinking and doing lines every day,

Yet like any bird he is completely free,

The child needed to find his own way,

Love and care is what all children need.

Poor parenting destroyed the talents given by nature.

An average child succeeded with a little nurture.

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