Indie Writing Thoughts

Really my venture into indie writing began this year when I published The Sureshot Rises. So far I have no regrets. I am enjoying the adventure and trying to develop as a writer. This summer I have an opportunity to do some serious writing and with some focus I can have book three written and some other pieces in the works. Here’s some thoughts so far.

1) I love the control I have over the whole situation. I’ve been using Amazon Direct Publishing exclusively and I’m very pleased with it over all. I love that I can make changes easily and update things as I please. I have my copies of each story and both the print and digital formats saved and easily accessible any time I want to make a change. It’s pretty awesome

2) The speed with which you can get a book published is unreal. Literally the moment I decide I’m ready to publish, it seems I can have a kindle version available in 24 hours. It’s pretty awesome. The print copy is a little more work formatting to make sure everything is lined up the way I prefer but even that is only a matter of 2 to 3 days before print copies are available. I love it.

3) Editing is still a pain. It’s super important mind you, but it is also super difficult. I have embraced editing as a necessary part of writing and I even came to enjoy it as I finished editing Sureshot the Assassin but the problem is that no matter how much editing I do, there is always another error. Until I have the money to hire someone to do some copy editing, it appears that I will continue to struggle with this. I try to produce a clean copy but there is always something I overlooked.

Well, the adventure continues and I’m having a ton of fun along the way. Cheers.

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