Escaping the Abyss Part 5

Escaping the Abyss (Part 1)

Escaping the Abyss (Part 2)

Escaping the Abyss: Part 3

Escaping the Abyss: Part 4


Nanku continued to survive and even grow though he began to grow in different ways. He learned to hide when things were frightening.  He pulled all of the toys from his toy box and buried himself deep within to shelter him from the storm beyond. He clutched his stuffed bear tightly as he sat as still a possible to avoid being seen. He learned that when Mother and Father were not in a good mood, it was dangerous to need things. There was much yelling and much fighting around him that raged like a battle beyond the walls he constructed to protect himself.

One day when Mother and Father were screaming and yelling at one another, Nanku decided to risk coming out from his hiding place to try to make peace. He looked about his room searching from anything that might end the battle. He saw some toys that he could make into instruments and practiced his symphony before he marched down to the battleground.

Nanku held his head high and shoulders back as he pushed into the bedroom where Mother and Father were fighting. He clanged his makeshift cymbals together and blew a horn to call an end to the battle.

For a moment Mother and Father were stunned. They stated at the boy as he marched around in a circle like a one-man parade. Mother and Father looked to one another and realized that their fight was hurting the boy. They grabbed him up in their arms and kissed him. Mother cried and said she was sorry.

Nanku was proud that he had ended the war between Mother and Father for a moment but it did not last. The war waged on soon after and never ended. What’s worse, Nanku took it upon himself to try to reduce the conflict. He had ended their battle successfully at least once after all, and so he figured he could do it again.

He prayed every night that Mother and Father would stop fighting, but they never did. There was never any end to their battle in the abyss.

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