TBT Poem: Cloud Burst









The sun shines brightly in the light blue sky,
A soft breeze calmly blows leaves tumbling by,
Smooth green hills glow with a radiant warmth,
The tranquil land slowly awaits the night that cometh,
For in the night powerful things appear to fly.
From the East soft clouds collect and move,
They will need some strength with which to prove,
In the West clouds rise from a long slumber,
Soon they will to the East go to plunder,
The sun retires from the clouds so very smooth.
Each side slowly and cautiously advances,
Neither side wishes to take any chances,
The East and the West start to mix slightly,
Both are careful and move very gently,
At last they are entwined and the mood enhances.
The East begins to sprinkle, slowly at first,
The West drinks up with a kind of Kings thirst,
Slowly they turn forward then back,
They know this night will nothing lack,
Both are ready for a mighty cloud burst.
The East grabs the West tugging and pulling,
The West turns around and begins twirling,
Rolling left and rolling right together and all,
The rain now begins to readily fall,
At last it is time for the two to start storming.
Crashing and thrashing into each other,
Grasping and clasping one and another,
Rain falls hard from the clouds to the ground,
Soon a peace between them will be found,
Anticipation and desire around them hovers.
Heavy and loud the wind spins around,
Quick bolts of lightning begin to pound,
One flood of rain falls heavy and fast,
The full clouds are emptied at long last,
The East and the West are now forever one.

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