Poem: Whole Again

Born into the abyss.

Used to the crisis.

Made to carry burdens.

And hide them with curtains.

To cover the abuse.

While still being used.

Crawled from the hole.

With living well the goal.

But left something inside.

Couldn’t continue if I tried.

So dove back down deep.

Redemption is what I seek.

I dwelled there in pure pain.

Knowing in the end I would gain.

What I lost as a young boy.

When abuse stole my joy.

Grown now I could save.

A young me from the cave.

In order to be whole again.

And atone for ancestors’ sin.

But now there is nothing more.

It is time to leave, close the door.

I’m too strong to take it.

Too healthy for more shit.

If you need me I’ll be here.

With no more pain, no more fear.

In order to be whole again.

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