Escaping the Abyss: Part 4

One day Nanku went outside to play while Mother was in the house busy dwelling in the abyss. A curious boy who missed the adventures of the woods he played in the dirt and leaves of the tiny yard in an otherwise concrete wilderness.

Nanku pretended he was various animals as he romped around chasing the breeze. He decided he was a monkey and as monkeys do, he chose to climb a tree.

There was a great big elm in the yard, the only tree there. It had a great big trunk and wide leaves that shaded the boy while he played. But it was no match for a monkey!

Nanku mounted the tree and began to climb. He inched his way upward ever more satisfied with his progress and abilities. He made it to a branch and he climbed out on its limb. Hanging above the ground Nanku felt free. He smiled wide as he swung on the branch free.

Young as he was though, he had yet to master the trees, and while he played his grip slipped. He grasped for the limb but it failed him. Nanku tumbled to the ground and crashed hard into the packed dirt. The air was stolen from his lungs and blackness took over his mind.

Mother went looking for Nanku and when he did not respond to her calls she looked in the yard and found him. She screamed and ran to the boy fearing the worst and found him limp.

Mother called for help and soon people were rushing to help Nanku. With the help of people worried for the boy, he woke up and was breathing fine.

Mother cried huge tears as she clutched the boy to her chest. Nanku was confused but alive and Mother brought him inside and told him not to climb trees any more because they were dangerous and she did not want him to get hurt.

“But I was playing that I was a monkey,” Nanku reasoned.

“I don’t care about that, son,” Mother scolded. “You are not to climb trees any longer. You are not a monkey, you are a boy, and boys need to keep their feet on the ground where it is safe. Do you understand me?”

Nanku understood but wanted to climb trees again. Still, he nodded to Mother and promised her he would no longer climb trees.

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