Poem: Help! Help!

Help! Help!
Can’t you hear me?
Please let me out, let me be free.
I’m trapped in here and I don’t want to be.
Each day I’m here is agony.
Please let me out, have mercy.
Help! Help!
Why do you take so long?
Let me out so I can sing a song.
Or play the drums, clang a gong.
I’m trapped but it’s all wrong.
I want to go back where I belong.
Help! Help!
Do you see me here?
Shaking, sullen, full of fear.
Just waiting for the time to near.
When no longer fall my tears.
Save me from his despair.
Help! Help!
Why don’t you answer?
I’m trapped in here, a prisoner.
In a deep cell with no comfort.
And I’m worried there are monsters.
Please help me get out of here.
Help! Help!
Do you see the hurt in my eyes?
With your touch my spirit dies.
Your words are nothing but lies.
This cage I’m in is kid sized.
The little boy in me cries.



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