Poem: Jackie Did

In a sea of white

In a storm of hate

One had the strength

To be among the great

Jackie did

He was meant to be

Very first of many

But first he had to face

The words of the angry

Jackie did

Not only brave he stood

But on the bases played

Better than the average

Enduring history he made

Jackie did

A woman of beauty

Helping her man through

He loved his woman

The wife of his youth

Jackie did

Breaking through walls

Ending a racist era

In which only some

Were allowed to be player

Jackie did

And on the field

Few played as well

Named rookie of the year

While enduring the hell

Jackie did

He fielded the ball

He hit home runs

Stole many bases

Became champion

Jackie did

Now all are allowed

To play the sport

Judged on ability

One was the start

Jackie was

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