My Readers

Who will like my stories? The question matters. Few stories or styles appeal to everyone. Just had a conversation with my daughter today who reads a ton and we were discussing the books we read during school, me from 20 years ago, her from a single year ago, and we were drawn to different ones. I loved Red Badge of Courage. She didn’t care for it. She liked A Separate Peace. I can’t stand that story. Point is. People like different authors and different stories. So, who will like my stories? What is my style?

I’m new at this and have no commercial success yet so I’m still developing as a writer, but I can tell you what I believe my style is and who will like my work.

I love characters. I believe we are very much both good and bad. We can be heroes or villains depending on the situation and motivation. Most cultures and most religions have the same concept. Ying and Yang. Sin nature. It doesn’t matter where you go, people are capable of both good and bad. As a result, I tend to create flawed characters. I try to make my characters very real and very relatable. I want my readers to see themselves or people they know in them. My characters are going to struggle. Even when life is going well for them, there is going to be a social or emotional challenge underneath. They will have to deal with conflict and crisis. And many times, they may make the wrong decisions. They will fail but they will grow. If you like that. Then you’re my type of reader.

I also lean towards fantasy. Why? It’s way more fun. When I can create a world in which obvious evil and clear monster exist, then it is more fun to see my characters attempt to thrive. Dragons are super cool, but a dragon in my story probably represents something real in our world. We face real life dragons all the time. That terrible boss? Dragon. The abusive partner? Dragon. Maybe you grew up in an environment filled with disloyal and dishonest people. Sounds like you lived among goblins. So while I enjoy fantasy as my genre, I write about real conflicts using fantasy as the backdrop. So if you like fantasy, fighting, magic and mythology which will probably still have relevance, you’re my type of reader.

Life is an adventure. I know I’m a bit dramatic, but I tend to see things in terms of adventure. Work can be an adventure. Marriage and relationships can be an adventure. Having and raising kids can be an adventure. Everything can be an adventure. So I write adventure stories and if you’re into adventure, you’re my type of reader.

So I tend to write adventure fantasy stories with complex characters who are capable of both good and evil, being strong and also being weak. If that sounds awesome to you, you are my type of reader and I hope you will go on this journey with me and let’s enjoy stories together.

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