Poem: Alive


You’ve held me down for far too long
Kept me from dancing and singing song
And I in weakness just went along
Until the man I was and loved was gone

Then I awoke and wondered where I was
How I became more passive than a dove
So I prayed and looked for signs from above
And I thirsted like never before for love

I asked you about my chains; how they got there
Begged you for help, for your tender care
But you attacked me like an angry bloodthirsty bear
I wanted to run away, to go anywhere

Complicated were my binds and deep my wounds
How badly I had weakened over many moons
Yet I refused to remain in darkness; gloom
And took my first step away from doom

With Arrows loosed and spells called behind me
I stood and refused to bend my knee
Because for the first time in a while I could see
And I’ll no longer live afraid in captivity

I’m going to gather my strength and pride
Rediscover the parts of me that died
No longer will I sit in darkness and hide
I’m going to run and sing and be alive

5 thoughts on “Poem: Alive

  1. You are quite the poet. Your post had edge and you rime like a true artist. Could really use feedback from a writer like you. Please check out my short called Lizard Guts, your critique is needed

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