Story Length


I was recently doing some thinking about how long my stories should be and after a little research found a solid article about story length. To start with I was excited that my stories were right in the wheel house for where I need to be. It was great to see what the word count was for some well known books also. Had no idea, because I never read them, how much longer the Harry Potter books got after the first couple. The Sureshot Rises comes in at 80,000 words which seems like a good length and Sureshot the Assassin is 100,000 words! It feels like a good length for me. It is easy enough to write and edit and readers don’t seem to think it should be shorter or longer.

I’m also interested in getting into the novella or short story game to get more things published more often. We’ll see how that goes. Here’s to more writing! Cheers!


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