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Who is the Sureshot? From lonely hunter to longbow champion in a few months, Durbar, the Sureshot, doesn’t even know the answer. For a skilled marksman, finding his own way proves confusing and difficult. Some will want to help the young man find what he is looking for while others want to eliminate him. Even though the world he lives in is confusing and threatening, he has the constant comfort of one thing; his bow. In this fantastic and colorful story, a young man searches for his very identity, complicated by friends as well as opponents, it isn’t as simple as he hopes. When he starts to discover who he is, his entire world is turned upside down as he learns that what he thought he knew about his own family was not even close to the truth. Regardless, this hunter continues to try to hit his target. This is a story with many levels to enjoy. Pure adventure and fantasy make it fun and exciting. Family intrigue and discovery make it mysterious and interesting. Interpersonal conflicts, betrayal and competition make the story treacherous. There is something for every reader in this adventure fantasy, from the book worm to those who are casual readers, all will be drawn into the world of Durbar the Sureshot. Enjoy.

Get The Sureshot Rises today and start enjoying the adventure!

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