I took a couple of days off and did a little vacationing with my wife. It was a great chance to reflect, think and plan where to go with regards to writing.

One of the problems I have is that too many projects going on at once and so all of them are progressing but none of them as quickly as they could. So I need to prioritize.

Since the goal is 3 books this year, I need to focus on editing Sureshot the Assassin which is already written and get it published in the next month or two. At that point I need to probably finish Sureshot 3 (the King) and look to get it published by December.

That means Goblins need to wait. It makes me a little sad only because I’ve been having such a good time writing it but focus is more important. I also decided to stop posting those chapters here because they’re first drafts and the story really needs more editing before they can be enjoyed fully.

So I will probably post a lot of Sureshot excerpts here as I work through editing Sureshot Rises and get it published ASAP. Let’s go!


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