It might be cheesy, but I love writing little poems for my stories. Here’s the one I wrote for The Sureshot Rises


From the darkness

From the woods

From obscurity

From under hood

The Sureshot Rises


His bow in hand

His arrows fly

Striking true

His enemies die

The Sureshot Rises


Cloak conceals his form

Mysterious and dark

A woodsman comes to us

With a hunter’s heart

The Sureshot Rises


Rise and stand above

Rise and loose your arrow

Rise and win our hearts

Rise and best your foes

Rise, Sureshot, Rise

2 thoughts on “Rise!

  1. Very good for a prosaic poem. Only one small piece of advice though, add punctuation. Poems tend to have a rhythmic flow created by both words (I.e sometimes rhymes), and always, always punctuation.

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