5000 Words Per Hour

In an effort to become a successful writer, even though I told myself I didn’t care how many copies I sold, I decided to research some tips on writing and try to improve. I came across a book called 5000 Words Per Hour and immediately downloaded it. Without hesitation, though it was already near midnight, I started reading. In the first section Fox describes a “micro sprint” which means a short period of time to write as much as possible in order to increase efficiency. I am all about getting more words down. So I tried the first exercise which is to write as many words to a story as possible in five minutes.

First try I managed 286 words which is a 3,400 word pace. Not bad for my first try! Now comes the difficult part. I am going to commit to doing that every day for the next week. I’m a little pained just thinking about it, but I think the task is well worth it. I’m looking forward to writing all those words and to improving my efficiency! Here’s to 5000 an hour! Cheers!


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