Goblin Brothers Part 23



Zyx was meditating and trying to commune with the spirits around him when he was dragged from his state by his brother’s screams.

“Zyx!” the call echoed through the hall. The young shaman heard his name but could not at first decide whether it was from the spiritual world or the physical.

Again Nyx screamed, “Zyx!” and this time, the small goblin knew it was his brother calling him and his eyes opened sharply, straining to adjust to the dancing light of the fire in the room.

“Zyx!” his brother’s screams roused him to his feet and he began to run towards the direction of the cries.

In only a few strides, Zyx caught sight of his brother. Nyx was dragging Kevnos with him and his eyes were filled with tears and mouth drooling as though he himself were poisoned by the centipede. Zyx saw immediately that there was something dramatically wrong.

Kevnos’ eyes were still wide open but red with blood and his mouth was sputtering saliva and foam as he coughed, choked and vomited, hanging to life with the last ounce of his constitution.

“Save him!” Nyx shouted at his brother who stood frozen in his steps by alarm. “He bit!”

“What bite him?” Zyx asked.

“Don’t know! Huge monster! Many legs! Fangs!” Nyx spat as he continued to drag his new friend to the throne room. Zyx brushed aside the fear that gripped him and grabbed one of Kevnos’ arms and together the brothers got their clan leader next to the large fire pit in the Sharpspear throne room.

Nyx crumpled to the ground next to the poisoned goblin and panted in raspy breaths; chest heaving.

Zyx stared at the dying goblin eyes wide. He turned left and right and as if hoping to find the answer as to what to do but there was no help around him. His heart began to beat faster and he breathed too quickly.

Nyx shouted, “Help him! Save like you do me!”

Zyx recalled the time his brother was badly hurt and he somehow reached out to him spiritually and healed him. The thought strengthened him and filled him with confidence. First he had to settle his self so he closed his eyes. It took all his effort, but Zyx managed to focus on his breathing and begin to slow it. Once he was in tune with his breath his heart followed and the physical world around him began to fade as he was increasingly sensitive to the spiritual one.

Immediately, Zyx could feel the pain Kevnos suffered as though it were his own and his screams shook him to the core. He tried to maintain his concentration through the agony and terror and reach out to the dying goblin. With intense effort Zyx managed to block out the distractions and find Kevnos’ spirit.

Kevnos was writhing on the ground, arms flailing about and screaming so loudly that it was difficult for Zyx to tolerate. Face contorted and muscles tense, the shaman clung to the spirit and tried to reach out.

“Calm! I here! I help you!” Nyx tried to say through his spirit. He had never actually spoken in this manner before, not to a spirit that was still connected to its physical form. He didn’t actually know if it was working or not. The words were thoughts in his mind and not actually verbal so it was a strange sensation.

Kevnos rolled into a ball and held his body with his own arms and sobbed, “I no want death! I feel slipping, falling.” He moaned and wailed some more while he rolled from side to side on the ground.

“How I help you? What make poison stop?” Zyx asked. The shaman could sense the poison but had no idea how to neutralize it. He was very aware of the pain and agony the goblin ranger was in. He tried to focus on that.

The pain rolled through Kevnos like waves of thunder coursing through his veins. Zyx could almost see it in his body. It rushed through him and was attacking his nervous system causing his nerves to fire uncontrollably and attempting to shut down his lungs and heart. The venom was moving quickly, that much Zyx knew. Time was short.

With Kevnos in so much pain, he was not much help to the shaman. Zyx decided to try to ease it. He concentrated on the agony. It in spirit it appeared as flashing light like the twinkling of stars but red and hot. He reached out and began to smother the lights with his hands as he stood over the huddled lump of goblin still screeching in misery.

The lights burned Zyx and he now felt their affliction but he continued to try to take them from Kevnos. Each one he touched burned him and seared his own spirit but after taking a number of them from Kevnos, the goblin ranger stopped writhing and merely laid still, sobbing, yet somewhat calmer.

“What you do?” Kevnos asked, eyes open wide, filled with tears, but looking through Zyx unable to process the spiritual world.

“I take your pain,” Zyx explained.


“I help you.”


“You our clan. How I stop poison? What I need do?”

“I have potion. I cure me.”


“Weapon room. It in gourd.”

Nyx sat up after recovering his breath and watched his brother in trance. He had no way of knowing what the mystical goblin was doing but he hoped it was somehow helping their new friend. As he sat and waited he saw that Kevnos’ body was growing pale and his breath was so shallow he could hardly see his chest rise or fall. He didn’t know a lot about venoms but he could tell that the goblin was near death. All he could do was wait.

When Zyx opened his eyes his vision was blurred and it took a second to get a sense of his environment once more.

“What happen?” shouted Nyx as he leapt to his feet. “He live?”

Zyx shook his head and snapped back into the physical world. “He dying. Need potion.”

“What that?”

“It in gourd.”

“What that?”

“Don’t know! Look in weapons! He dying,” Zyx finally shouted. Nyx didn’t hesitate and rushed to the weapons room and began tossing weapons and armor about looking for anything that might even appear like it would help cure a poison.

Zyx focused on his breathing as his head spun and he battled to stay upright. His body still burned and he squinted his eyes and tried to endure the wave of searing pain he absorbed from the dying goblin. Kevnos’ body was still. His eyes were cloudy and lifeless. His mouth and face covered in foam. A faint raspy breath struggled from and back into his lungs.

Nyx found a collection of gourds in a corner. He froze and considered them for a moment then peered in. Each contained a fluid. Nyx tried to figure out whether this was what he needed. He decided that since the venom was a liquid then the cure would also be a liquid. It was reasonable enough. Since he had no idea which was the one he needed, he grabbed half a dozen of them in his arms and then rushed back to his dying friend.

“Which one?” Nyx blurted as he looked at the various colored liquids in random colored gourds.

“No know.”

Nyx considered them for a moment and then picked one up and dumped it into Kevnos’ open mouth. Much of it spilled all over and soaked the ground. He paused a moment and then when nothing changed he began pouring another, then another and another. With the fifth one Kevnos groaned.

The boys stood over their sick friend and waited. Kevnos blinked his eyes and milky tears ran down his face. He began to choke and foul fluid spat out with each cough. The brothers stepped back mostly out of fear and confusion.

Kevnos rolled to his side and vomited. He gripped at the ground and cried out. His eyes focused enough to sense that he was still alive and upon looking at the mess of empty gourds around him, pointed at a greenish one and whispered, “This. Bring me more.”

Nyx understood the request and dashed back into the weapons room, found another two gourds that looked similar and ran back to their goblin king. He held one out to Kevnos. The sick goblin crawled to sit half upright, gripping his abdomen as he winced with every motion. He held out a hand once he was seated and Nyx placed a gourd in it. Kevnos strained to lift it to his mouth but once there, began to sip some of the fluid contained within.

“You save me. I live,” the Sharpspear king whispered. The brothers cheered and hopped about to celebrate.

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