“It’s Actually Good”

So far so good! One of the most rewarding things is hearing that people enjoy your work. It literally makes my day every time. I’ve happy to say that I’m actually proud of my work and confident that I wrote a solid story that folks can enjoy. It is especially nerve wracking however, when people I’m friends with read my work. I would absolutely hate for a friend to hate what I wrote. How awkward would that be? The worst!

This week a friend and colleague and all around awesome person who bought my book in support came up with a huge smile and said, “Phil! I thought I was going to have to lie to you and say your book was good but it’s actually good!” I laughed my butt off and am still chuckling about it now, but it is indeed a great compliment. I was thrilled that she was willing to simply tell me it was good no matter how she actually felt about it but obviously, much more excited to hear that she actually likes the story.

When I decided to published The Sureshot Rises I did it because I love writing. I already have a career that I love and that mostly pays the bills, and I just love writing. Whether I ever become a full time writer or not isn’t that important to me. The number of books I sell doesn’t concern me. Any money I make is merely a treat. I love writing and I will continue doing it and publishing stories and I hope that people continue to read them and enjoy them. For love of the art! Nothing else is really that important.

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