Adventure of love

There is no greater adventure than love. Nothing compares to the danger and reward that love brings. No foe is more powerful, nothing more treacherous. There is nothing more comforting and nothing more completing. Neither dragon nor giant can conquer it. No vile creature can steal it away. It cannot be snuffed out or extinguished. It burns ever more and is eternal.

Love moves mountains and motivates people usually lacking strength the bravery to stand in the face of fear and sneer. Many have traversed great landscapes to find loves embrace once more. Death has claimed many who refused to back down to its threat and were true to love instead. It is more powerful than any other force.

With that power comes destruction as well. Love has birthed wars and feuds since time begun. Murders, mayhem, betrayal and battles have all been conducted in the name of love. It has corrupted the most devout knights and wrecked the most loyal of patriots. It can destroy just as easily as it can protect.

Love is wild and free and will always be the greatest adventure for any willing to risk ones life to pursue it.

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