What’s it about?

The first question most ask when I mention I wrote a book or they heard about it, “What’s it about?” It’s a natural question and even though I get a little tired of answering, I for sure have an answer.

Now, if we’re just passing by or I don’t think you actually care I’ll tell you it is an adventure fantasy story with lots of action and fighting to entertain. If I’m being honest, when I first set out to write a complete story, my goal was to entertain the reader. I figured, if I couldn’t keep a reader entertained, then whatever else the message may be would never matter. No one would finish the book. I’m happy to say, I feel I accomplished this task. So then, what is the story really about?

On the surface it is an adventure story. There is fighting and competition galore to entertain. This level keeps the pages turning and readers interested. A layer below that is a coming of age story. I didn’t realize it when I was writing but I wrote a bit of an autobiography. Durbar is young and without direction and part of the conflict is how this young man finds himself. But there is another layer connected to each. At the deepest level this story is about identity and how others view us versus how we view ourselves. This is why I introduce the “Sureshot” personae. The main character struggles between the mantel of hero that people place upon him and who he wants to be. Yeah, it’s deep.

I’m legitimately proud of the story. It’s well rounded, entertaining and multi-layered. For my first real effort, this is a solid story. I hope you read it and enjoy it as much as I do!

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