What about Sureshot Rises?

cover 4

Way back in 2001 I was on a temporary duty at Ft Carson Colorado. I had nothing to do to entertain myself so I purchased some paper and pens and began writing. The bulk of this story was written in those months. I finished it a couple of years later and then it was published in 2006. That experience was a disaster and because the publisher held the rights to the story, I never published the completed sequel to the story. With the rights returned to me and significant advances in technology, I decided to rewrite then republish the story. It turns out that I am a much better writer than I was over fifteen years ago so I felt it was appropriate to add some content and improve the content that existed. I am finally really proud of the product. The ending is much stronger and the story flows better. I have the sequel cued up so it should be available this summer. There is even a third book in the series that has a number of pages already completed. I finally feel like writing is a real part of what I do. Looking forward to much more.

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