Sureshot Cover Contest

Calling all artists! Along with a rewrite and republish I want a new cover for The Sureshot. Since I’ve met and befriended many artists over the years and I know there are a bunch of you out there who have a lot of talent, I thought it would be a great idea to see who in my circle would like to do a cover.

The old cover was solid and a lot of people liked it. I liked it also even though it wasn’t personalized to my book really. It was relevant enough but wasn’t based on the story of the book necessarily. That said, I like the colors and image a lot and it was catchy. As solid as the old cover was, I can’t wait for a new one!

I cannot compensate the artist at this point but if I make money with this book then I would love to pay my cover artist for future covers so there is a chance that we can become partners. You will for sure have your name in the book as the cover artist at least, and I will make sure everyone knows who did the cover.

If I get multiple submissions I may have a voting “contest” to see which is most popular with my followers and readers.

I would like the art ready in one month, which is when my book is scheduled to be ready for publishing.

Due date: Aug 12th.

While I am open to whatever you would like to do as an artist, some themes and images that are central to the story include:

common images: Forest, trees, bear, hawk, bow, arrows

themes: birth, new identity, coming of age, competition


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