Adventure of Goblin Bros: Escaping Captivity

Told from the perspective of Zyx the Goblin Shaman

We still lost were and wanted out. We wandered. Found more paths. One went through a river. On the other side more badies were. We attacked them and they were mean. They had a strange looking human tied up. He cast spells at them. The fairy died. I brought her back to life though. Others too got hurt badly, but Zyx healed them. Zyx is good at healing others. Brother Nyx got hurt bad too, but it was ok, I kept everyone alive and we killed the badies. I collected more ears. Some nice ones. The human decided to join us. That is ok. I didn’t like him but it didn’t matter. We had to get out.

We continued on and after killing a few more badies we got out. Outside the short one decided to leave. He didn’t like goblins me thinks. There was another human outside. This one wore armor and looked tough. He not too smart was but it ok. He punches and wrestles a lot. He called him Eric. I liked him. He was trying to find what going on was. Bro Nyx and I decided to stay with him. Human wizard stayed too and the fairy flew off but came back. Fairies do that.

We rested. Bro and I got into mischief which is always fun. We had no idea where we were. So we stayed. I rolled the bones and they said it was good to stay with Eric. So I did. Many more adventures were coming.

Zyx Trickfoot

Eric Human Fighter
Eric Human Fighter

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