Epic of the desolation of Orc Hoards

Long ago five heroes took up a quest
To defend their homeland from invaders
Nobel and just the heroes gave us hope
For honor and clan Battlefate they fought
Thoradin, priest of Moradin, healer
Freyr, swordmage, defender of the weak
Ferdinand the Bull, fighting with his fists
Deisa smashes with ax and hammer both
Guter dark and ugly, mask hides his face
Together they were a group of heroes

Goblins and giants invaded the land
Slaughtering dwarves and spreading wickedness
An affront to everything the dwarves love
They were a scourge to the dwarf homeland
Invaded the mighty Battlefate Hall
And conquered the great dwarven citadel
Enslaving and murdering the proud dwarves
They spread their plague beyond the mountain halls
Assaulted dwarven city Konigsberg
Encircling and besieging the dwarf home

The dwarves tried to find allies to help them
A call to arms went out from Konigsberg
A plea for someone to help in their need
Many seemed willing to help them resist
But few arrived to help defend the wall
More seemed to want to profit from crisis
Take advantage of a chaotic time
Profiting from the dwarven suffering
Even attacking them in their crisis
Clearly the dwarves had few friends in the world

The heroes were selected for a quest
To travel across the mountains so high
To a land long forgotten by the dwarves
In hopes that they could find their lost cousins
Divided after an epic battle
With an evil giant and his minions
Once they were one mighty clan, Gloryfate
Divided now by a mighty mountain
Years of separation they’ve forgotten
Reuniting may be their only hope

The heroes left the city to find them
But first had to travel through a forest
Attacked by trolls, serpents and beasts unkind
Even werewolves picked up their scent and stalked
Attacked the group with blood lust in their heart
Growling and snarling, clawing and biting
The heroes fought them off, bloodied, bitten
Tending to their wounds as they forged ahead
Finding their way through the dark reaching trees
They at last caught sight of the mountain range

The mountain stood dark and foreboding
High and impassible, clouds hid the top
Through the heavy rock they had to travel
Hoards of orcs stood between them and their goal
The heroes tried to find a way around
But the tunnel through the mountain was blocked
Orcs inhabited the path desired
Blood would have to be spilled to gain access
The dwarf heroes were not at all afraid
And charged into the fray with weapons raised.

Stealthy Guter tried to distract the orcs
But managed to draw more into the fight
Thoradin made a run for the cave mouth
Instead thudded to the ground surrounded
The rest rushed down the mountain into war
Into swarms of orcs ugly and evil
Equipped with huge axes sharp and deadly
Raining arrows with deadly precision
Piercing the heroes through armor and shield
Threatening to end their lives and the quest

The heroes slashed and fired at the orcs
With prayers to Moradin lending support
Guter’s bolts pierced the beasts foul flesh
Ferdinand’s fists punished them for their rage
Freyr’s sword flashed and defended his friends
Diesa’s mighty weapons sent orcs to hell
Thoradin’s blessed hammer held high in faith
Together they stood strong against the hoard
Together they fought bravely, skillfully
Together they fell against orcish vile

Only Guter remained and looked to flee
The heroes dying, carried off by orcs
All appeared lost, the quest, the dwarves, the war
When suddenly Ferdinand woke from death
Without hesitation he battled on
And Moradin’s blessing flowed out freely
Both Thoradin and Freyr breathed again
With new vigor they again battled on
Resolved to prevail against all odds
They did not quit until all orcs did fall

Back from the brink of death the heroes lived
They praised Moradin for sustaining them
Orc bodies laid wasted across the land
Sadly Diesa too would not rise again
Her body was burried with last rites read
Remaining heroes could not mourn her long
Instead fought and killed the evil orc lord
And into the deep mountains they traveled
To find a land long lost and forgotten
For glory and honor, for Battlefate

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