A change is over taking Konigsberg

Intro to last night’s game:

A change is over taking Konigsberg. The city used to bustle and sing, full of joy and love. Darkness and fog swallowed it and now there is fear and chaos. Many of the inhabitants fled. They could only ignore the hoards of goblins gathering for a siege outside of the city for so long. The fires of their camps and the sound of their drums tended to grip the heart and squeeze until a body’s head hurt and breath was short. Some cracked and ran. In their place others have arrived. With so much attention on the eastern wall the western has been neglected. A collection of thieves, bandits, thugs, mercenaries and slavers have slipped into the city undetected replacing the peaceful citizens and creating a tension that builds like water beyond a dam. A town can only handle so many nefarious types before it breaks. 
Meanwhile your focus has been on gathering a force significant enough to challenge the goblins and then the giants who have taken over the mines and the great hall in the mountain, but it doesn’t seem to be enough. If only there were more dwarves. The humans and barbarians are all good warriors but they do not match up as well and seem as motivated as the dwarves who fight for their home, their race and their lives. You know the attack will come. Will Konigsberg be ready? Will you be ready?

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