Another Epic Poem

So there were a couple characters that I wrote epics for in a previous game. Here’s the one for Vladimir:

Epic of Vladimir the Executioner

In a world so full of haunting nightmares

Where babies cry out, screaming in the dark

And women sob, clutching their dresses tight

And even men cower and hide in fear

Evil lurks and snarls in every shadow

Ever threatening with violence and death

It seems no one is safe from evil

As it forever creeps across the lands

Devouring people and towns alike

Destroying any that stand in its way


Some however stand against the evil

Paladins of light standing tall and proud

Claiming to bring love, peace prosperity

They are champions of all that is good

Widely loved and revered for their strength, faith

In their presence maidens grow weak and faint

Young lads aspire to one day join them

And men salute their heroic efforts

They are the pride of a people afraid

But all of them are weak and pitiful


There is one who is stronger than others

Who has no weakness, no fear and no love

At least not for the pitiful masses

And their pathetic champions of Torm

For they worship and follow out of fear

Instead of worshiping the source of fear

But he worships evil and tyranny

The one who will dominate the masses

His god is the evil Asmodeus

Vladimir is his executioner


Unwavering in his faith toward his god

He too stands tall and proud, full of strength

Swinging his mighty axe with spite, vengeance

He dominates all that stand in his way

Taking no prisoners, all unworthy

He needs no friends with his god as his lord

He is dark as night and just as scary

He holds his axe as though he holds death itself

And lets it fall on those who are not strong

Each blow bringing him closer to control


Vladimir is champion of his god

Asmodeus seeks to dominate all

To bring all the world under his control

Through any evil means necessary

He’s the evil god of domination

Who will control the world in tyranny

The world deserves no better fate than this

Mindless ignorant sheep, pitiful folk

Will all bow to the might and greed of he

Huddled masses needing their god to live


Vlad brings the bad news of the coming fall

A knight of evil he delivers death

To those who would rebel against his god

They fall before his terrifying might

His vice is much stronger than their virtue

And his body a temple to evil

Day and night preaching death and destruction

Heralding the coming domination

Sowing the seeds for the fall of the world

Making straight the path for Asmodeus


He is the evil executioner

His axe lops off the head of any foe

From splitting in half unworthy ogres

To felling like a tree a thief empire

To enjoying the screams of Palor’s whores

As his paladin and cleric collapse

Under the might of his murderous axe

Crying to a god too weak to save them

The last sounds they heard were evil laughter

From the mouth of their executioner


No creature or being stands against him

He has hacked apart monsters of sewers

Laid waste to the animated undead

Gone toe to toe with angels of the sun

Murdered dozens of thieves and assassins

Stood against flying wyverns from above

Resisted the call of deadly harpies

And fought against the gaze of medusas

He’s even exterminated spiders

All will fall at his cursed feet unworthy







He has no need for friends or flattery

His axe and his faith are his companions

He is the nightmare that keeps your kids up

The chill that runs your spine and shakes your bones

The dread that grips your heart and squeezes it

The figure that woman fear in the dark

The man that makes others feel miniscule

Meeting his gaze means feeling all your shame

Knowing that you are pitiful and weak

Not worthy to speak his name nor his god’s


Know that he is out there coming for you

Intolerant of weakness and meekness

Baring the standard of Asmodeus

He will bring the world under his control

Make it submit and rule in tyranny

Hacking down any that stand in his way

With his mighty axe he’ll remove your head

Leaving behind him a trail of carnage

His evil prophecies cannot be stopped

He’s Vladimir the Executioner

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